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Our mobile app tours tell the stories about what you see in front of you. We show how natural history and human history combine to create unique landscapes. It's like taking a park ranger with you! These one-of-a-kind tours will help you connect to a place—instead of just visiting it.

Santa Cruz Wharf Tour

Discover the Wharf: a century-old structure with vibrant fishing history, thriving marine life and modern-day scientific research facilities. The municipal wharf is the only structure in the US that stretches over a half mile into a national marine sanctuary. The Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz Wharf Tour is a free app created in partnership with Santa Cruz ECOTOUR, the City of Santa Cruz and the University of California Santa Cruz.

Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz Wharf App | Free!

West Cliff Drive Tour

Discover Santa Cruz's West Cliff Drive on this 29-stop walking tour. Learn about the wave motor of the 1890's, the "toilet bowl" formations lurking within the local rocks, the story of why Lighthouse Field is still a park and not a beach front shopping mall, and if Santa Cruz is the true "Surf City, USA!" The West Cliff Drive Tour is part of the Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz App. It comes with $50 in savings on wine tasting, local museums and more!

Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz App | $4.99

North Coast Tour

Discover the North Coast on this 5-stop driving tour. Learn how railroad barons stole the ocean view, how the local rocks control what the coast looks like, and hear the story of how the "Cement King" built Davenport and lost it all. The North Coast Tour is part of the Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz App. It comes with $50 in savings on wine tasting, local museums and more!

Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz App | $4.99

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    "Mobile Ranger Santa Cruz offers a well-researched tour of some of the most traveled regions of Santa Cruz."
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    "Easy and intuitive format and audio tour. Highly recommended to residents and visitors!"
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    "We were amazed at the amount of detail that was offered and felt the pictures were a great addition."

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The Mobile Ranger differnce

  • Researched in collaboration with local geologists, naturalists and historians
  • Local history from the serious to the sublime
  • Detailed area geology
  • Mammals, birds, and local plant life
  • Land use history
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Who is Mobile Ranger

  • Julia Gaudinski
    Creator and Chief Ranger

    I really enjoy field trips. I love being in a cool place and having someone tell me about it. The problem is, you can't always find a professor or park ranger-type to tell you all they know about the local rocks, plants, and history. So I decided to combine my love of things natural with mobile technology.
  • Jim Whitehead
    Chief Programmer

    I enjoy the challenge of creating Mobile Ranger apps. Every place has its unique story. I like making them available to people on their phones and tablets. My experience of visiting in a location is dramatically improved if I have high quality information about the landscape, history, and buildings.